Announcing my first digital product: Getting Started with WordPress

Over the past few months I have been laboring on a project that I am finally unveiling to the world. That project is Getting Started with WordPress (GSWP) – an online course that provides only the most essential information for creating and managing a website built with WordPress so you can get up and running in 5 days flat.

Top reasons why you’ll love GSWP

  • Professionally produced videos that get straight to the point
    (no rambling, promise!)
  • Get your own website up and running in 5 days
  • Comes with a support system to answer your questions
  • We’ll even install WordPress for you at no charge
  • Covers the most recent version of WordPress

Another WordPress product?

I work with WordPress a lot, and I realized a few things from observing my clients.

WordPress has a pretty steep learning curve so beginners need someone to guide them, at least in the beginning. At the same time, they want to have the information quickly and do not have the time to spend hours learning how feature X works. Finally, website owners have some place to turn to if they have questions.

Getting Started with WordPress attempts to solve all of these challenges with a 3-pronged approach:

  1. Bite-sized video lessons that explains the most essential features visually
  2. A support forum where they can get reliable help and advice
  3. Professional WordPress setup service to get them over the hump of just starting

So it’s really not just a course. GSWP is a toolbox to help small business owners and bloggers get up and running with minimal fuss.

Launch Offer: Unbelievable Deal on Premium Memberships

There are two levels of membership for the GSWP course – Free and Premium. I made it free because I want to benefit the maximum number of people with this product. However, the Premium membership helps cover the cost and comes with additional goodies.

Till the end of July, I’m offering the Premium membership (usually worth $37) at an introductory price of only $0. Yep that’s right, I’m offering the Premium membership for free until July 31. Do take the opportunity to enroll in the course and check it out.

If you’re already a WordPress pro, I’d appreciate it if you’d tell your friends and followers who aren’t.


Stay Tuned for Lessons from the Launch

I am learning a ton from my first ever product launch. After the craziness is past, I will share some of my learnings on The ClickStarter.

Till then, thanks for your support and spreading the word about GSWP!


5 thoughts on “Announcing my first digital product: Getting Started with WordPress

  1. I can’t find a date on this post, but the ref to WP3.2 makes it seem recent, so, like, this is free until July 31 2012? Yes? If so, I’ll check it out and go pitch it to all my WP clients so I don’t have to teach them.

    • Cross posted on Bernadette’s site:

      Hey Joel, the Getting Started with WordPress course is outdated as you noticed. I’m now focusing on Am working to update the course and bring it into ClickWP 🙂

      • Got it; super. Since it’s 1am and I’m old, I’ll check it out in the morning.

        Should you ever need to offload all that extra work you can’t handle, I’d love to chat about it. Any friend of B’s . . .

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