Are you a Talker or are you a Doer?

There are 2 types of people in the world — those who talk and those who do. I’ve been a talker for way too long and now I’m gonna shut up and put up.

What’s Wrong With Being A Talker?

Talking is easy. Your words spout from your mouth and it’s gone into the ether. You can talk about anything. You don’t even need to be an expert, especially if you’re complaining. Who doesn’t love complaining? Talking makes it easy to blame others. Point fingers and it’s not your fault anymore.

Talking is passive. You don’t produce anything by talking. All the ideas and dreams that you talk about stay as ideas and thoughts. Talking makes you soft. The only exercise you get out of flapping your lips is stringing sentences together.

Talking is indulgent. All your talk amounts to nothing more than excuses. You complain and criticize but never step up to fix the problem. You spend hours planning and conclude that you don’t have the resources for it, or that there isn’t a clear ROI. What an indulgent waste of time! You tell yourself that it’s too risky to start you own business so you stay in your soul-sucking job. If all you do is talk, you’ll never grow as a human being and you stay miserable in your miserable situation.

Doing Changes Everything

Doing is hard. You’ve got to shut up and actually get down and dirty. Doing is where the rubber meets the road, and where you may actually get hit by a car. You’ll earn some callouses, and maybe even a few scars. You’re probably not going to get enough rest while doing, and you’ll be dog tired.

Doing is not pretty. You have no idea where and where to start. You’ll learn by stumbling along and bruising your ego. You might not have the resources and resort to begging, borrowing and stealing. Others will laugh at you and call you a fool, but they’re talking. You’re doing.

Doing is worth it. Doing produces results – perhaps slowly at first but it’s more than you ever got from talking. Doing forces you to grow and moves you forward. Doing empowers you to change your situation. You’re not drifting along anymore, you’re in control.

It’s Time To Get Started

I’ve been a talker for too long. I’m still talking right now, because I already know all the benefits of doing but I have nothing to show for it.

I have to start walking the walk. I have to start working on my dream. I have to start doing. I have to *start*.

This blog is about 2 things – my personal journey to start doing and to show you how you can start doing to. I know doing is hard, and that’s why I’m blogging about it – I would love to have your support and to support you too.

Are you with me?


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